4 Surprising Ingredients to Mix With Your Shampoo For Healthier Hair

Everyone wants to have a lovely, lively hair. And there are lots of products out there that have the purpose of making your hair looks stunning, like shampoos and conditioners.

 There’s even an ongoing debate as to whether these commercial products are to be used regularly.

But if you take your shampoo and combine it with the ingredients we will present in this article; you will achieve a much more beautiful and healthier hair.

These ingredients are olive oil, lemon, sugar, and honey. They all have unique properties that directly influence the health and wellbeing of your hair. So let’s check them out.

Olive oil
Olive oil is widely known through time for its advantages. It is used with babies, due to its soft texture. It helps in treating scalp problems. You can add also improve the texture in your hair by using olive oil. Just add it to your shampoo!

You can prepare the mix by adding shampoo to an empty bottle, followed by olive oil. Tip: use a funnel to avoid spilling.

Then, if you have normal hair, just add two spoons of olive oil. If instead, you have oily hair, add just one spoon of olive oil not to go too strong. Furthermore, if you have dry hair, add just one-quarter of olive oil.

Close, then start shaking. Also, don’t forget to shake the bottle every time before you use it. Use it like a regular shampoo.

Lemon is great to add to your shampoo if you have dandruff. Just squeeze one-half of a teaspoon of lemon juice for every two spoons of shampoo. Lemongrass oil can be an alternative if you don’t have any lemons around.

This one is a bit controversial, but sugar can help you clean, not just the hair, but also your scalp. Add a full spoon of sugar right in your shampoo. Sugar will exfoliate the scalp and will make the hair feel cleaned.

Sugar removes residue from the scalp and eliminates dead skin cells. After you finish shampooing with sugar enriched shampoo, it is best to use a conditioner. This way you will get better results.

You can also add honey to your shampoo. The ratio for the mix should be a half of teaspoon of honey for every two spoons of shampoo. After you treat your hair with this fantastic blend, your hair will be more shiny and moisturized.

The honey has a similar effect as the lemon. Both ingredients can lighten up your hair without any additives, in a natural way. Of course, if you want to avoid this effect, you shouldn’t use too much of these ingredients. Use these ingredients and notice how your problems related to your hair like hair loss, hair volume, health, etc. will start to improve. As you saw above, it is pretty easy to use them, just mix the ingredient with your shampoo, apply them on your hair and start rinsing.