Have This Before Sleeping and Feel the Fat

Burn!We burn fat as we sleep. Some mixes act like laxatives and make better weight loss. The longer we sleep, the better our body is and fat burning too.

For healthy eating and weight loss, see this 3 week diet plan. This drink makes more fat burning as you sleep and melts fat amazingly. Have it prior bed.

You need:

1 tsp ginger

1 tsp cinnamon

1 lemon’ juice

Parsley, a pinch


Mix them all in boiling water and have this instead dinner.

Ginger benefits for weight loss:

Make ginger tea and have it 2 times per day to improve digestion and fight the obesity too.

Or chew ginger chunks before a meal. If you dislike this taste, grate it and add lemon and salt.

 Chew 2 pinches prior a meal for better digestion and less cravings. Again, see this 3 week diet plan for more info.

Also add ginger to meals to reduce weight.