This Recipe is A Well-Known-Effective Cure for Aching Joints!

Take 15 fresh quail eggs and place them, with the shell, in a jar. Pour acetic essence over the eggs, so that they are completely covered.

Leave the jar with the eggs in vinegar, to stand until the shells are completely dissolved. Then, add 100 grams of fresh butter and stir all well, to get a homogeneous mixture. Apply this balm on the painful joints.

Comment by Dr. Evgeny Tikhonov, a psychotherapist:

This recipe is a well-known, effective cure for aching joints!

2.Here is another recipe by Gennady Malakhov, which relieves pain in joints and improves their mobility.

Before going to bed, prepare the following coating:

Mix equal amounts of honey, flour, apple cider and vodka. Knead a dough from the ingredients. If necessary, in order the dough to be compact, you can add a little more flour and mix all well.
Roll out the dough in the form of a cake and put it on the affected joint. Wrap a cellophane over it. Secure the coating with a cotton cloth in order not to fall off overnight.

Leave the coating to act during the night, and throw it away in the morning, as it should be used only once. This coating relieves pain and improves joint movement.