Remove Excess Water and Fat, All Toxins and Prevent Cancer From The Body In Just 3 Days

In order to leave room for healthy cells to grow, we need to remove all the toxins from our body. You will completely clear the body from those toxins with this 3 day method. We all know that is hard to avoid processed and unhealthy foods. Despite we know that they harm our health, we still consume them.  Before you start with the treatment, you do not have to consume dairy products for two days.  The body must be cleaned from chemicals and toxins present in dairy products before you start cleansing the lungs.

You need to a cup of herbal laxative tea the night before you start with this method. It will clean your intestines from waste and toxins that can trigger constipation.

Make a mixture between 2 freshly squeezed lemons and a cup of water the next morning. Consume it before breakfast. You should also consume alkaline foods during the cleansing method.

You should drink 1.5 cups of grapefruit juice when you eat your breakfast. You can replace the grapefruit juice with pineapple juice or fresh water if you do not like its taste.

Both of the drinks are full of antioxidants that boost the health of your respiratory system.

Between your breakfast and lunch, drink 1 – 1.5 cups of pure carrot juice. During the detoxification process, this juice will help in alkalizing the blood.

The large amounts of beta carotene in the carrot are extremely beneficial for the respiratory tract.

The next thing you should so is to prepare freshly squeezed juice of spinach, carrots, celery, parsley and sea greens.

The presence of potassium in this drink detoxifies the body so drink 1.5 cups with the lunch.

Drink a cup of mucus cleaning tea 1 hour before dinner. Drink 350 ml of cranberry juice before go to sleep.

This juice eliminates bacteria in the lungs and is extremely useful for your urine and blood. The procedure is the same during the 3 days of treatment. The results will leave you speechless: eliminated water, toxins, fat, clean lungs and totally detoxified body!