Make This Homemade Tea And Lose Up To 100 Kilos

If you want to lose weight, the best thing to do is to use a proven recipe. This recipe was offered by cardiologist Dr. med. Alen Ruzic who lost 98 kilos by changing his diet,

something that anyone can make, and a local tea recipe which he created. Dr. Ruzic had a weight problem, but when his weight increased drastically and reached 186 kilograms, the now 43-year-old decided to take matters into his own hands, and within 5 years lost 98 pounds. He made a tea called iWKAN and has lost 98 pounds. Besides that, he made some lifestyle changes and here are 5 myths he busted regarding our diet.

Breakfast Should Not Be Skipped
Breakfast really is the most important meal, a must for children and young people, diabetics and other groups with special dietary interests, but those who have excess weight, have no other illnesses and are not hungry in the morning, should not be forced to eat a healthy meal. But a fruit or a glass of squeezed juice is sufficient intake of the morning.

Potatoes And Pasta Are Fattening
“It is not true that potatoes and pasta are fattening”, emphasizes Dr. Ruzic. The potato is low in calories (68 cal per 100 g) and excellent food ingredient for a daily meal.  Pasta, in turn, has 350 calories before cooking and about 175 cal per 100 g after cooking.

Olive Oil Is Good For Weight Loss
Olive oil is an excellent food, the best fat as far as we know, but like other fat very calorific. The minimum daily amount of fat is 10 grams (2 teaspoons) which provide 90 calories. Anyone who wants to lose weight should adhere to this rule – eat salads without oil.

Cheese Is Healthy Food
Cheese is a high-fat  product whose impact on health is highly dependent on raw materials from which it is made (type and origin of milk, breeding animals that provide milk) and technology.

Cheeses should be reduced during the weight loss, but in the regular diet treat them as a substitute for fat. In some days instead of that 2 teaspoons oil, can take about the same amount of cheese.

You Should Drink A Lot Of Water
“No drink, not even water should be consumed with food” said Ruzic. In fact, when we eat and drink at the same time (even water),we automatically accelerate the introduction of products, and it has been proven that people who eat quickly have a distinct tendency to gain weight.

Dr. Alen Ruzic designed an nutritional metabolic rate which is the key to taking carbohydrates in the first part of the day, and protein intake in the evening. The combination of iWKAN tea and the nutritional metabolic rate is guaranteed to result in weight loss. From diet metabolic rate stems and 5 of the basic rules of permanent weight loss (without the yo-yo effect):

1. First daily diet plan in a minimum of 3 meals in a way that meals are individually adapt the time in which a person has the most obvious hunger.

2. During the morning and the day (until the afternoon), eat low-fat carbohydrates – pasta, potatoes, bread, low-fat or even better toast with fruit and vegetables, and for dinner, vegetables and protein (low-fat cheese, lean meat, fish, egg white).

3. Strict control of the intake of fats – not only oil but also those hidden in foods (eg. Cookies are about 50 percent fat, snacks, cheese …). Try the recipe for spaghetti with 0 percent fat and cholesterol.

4. Try to eat more raw food (all fresh fruits and vegetables) and include it into almost every meal. It is good to introduce the habit of consuming salads as appetizers before the biggest meal of the day (lunch). Here are 3 foods that you should eat each day to lose weight.

5. Avoid ’empty’ calorie. The sweet liquids that have a high energy composition, and do not affect satiety. Drink a lot, water or natural beverages (tea, lemonade), especially those that help to control hunger.