How To Repair Your Damaged Kidney Naturally Using 1 Teaspoon Of Baking Soda

The kidney is the important part of your body. Thus, you must be aware of what damaged the kidney and how to fix it instantly.

The prime function of the kidney is to provide hormones and enzymes to dissolve the food and convert it into chemicals so that we can use it in the form of energy.

Sodium bicarbonate is actively produced by the pancreas in our body to protect the kidney from damage during the digestion process. But sometimes the enzyme production in kidney increases due to the food that we consume.

Like in the case if your diet consist of food with high level of sugar, fat and unhealthy stuff then kidney has to over work to digest this food. In such cases, the sodium bicarbonate production by pancreas also got reduce.

Now, due to less supply of sodium bicarbonate the excessive acid produced during digestion by the kidney remains unneutralized. This has a very harmful effect on the kidney and it also damage some other organs in the digestive system. The excessive acid can also trigger the quick aging process.

A recent study was conducted by the Royal London Hospital with a prime topic of the effect of baking soda on kidney stones. As per the result of the conducted study baking soda a small ingredient in your kitchen is very beneficial for kidney and, in fact, it can slow down the development of kidney stone.

The study has also revealed that if the you are under dialysis then a baking soda can help you to repair the damaged kidneys and can provide a relief from dialysis.

The natural production of sodium bicarbonate in our body keeps the kidney in shape. But as the sodium level in the body reduces, kidney try to produce the sodium in more quantity. Here if kidney fails to produce more sodium and pass it out from the urine then the sodium, can get an entry in our blood.

This can make the blood over acidic and leads to other diseases as well. This is the prime symptoms of kidney failure. In such cases, the kidneys got damaged and unable to remove the excessive acid from out blood. The normal functioning of kidney should transfer the sodium in our urine and make the blood normal again.

In the recent study, the patient under study were on dialysis and got some amazing results. The researcher started providing the patients who were on dialysis the diet rich in sodium bicarbonate.

This action has actually lower down the kidney failure. The study ended after 2 years and surprisingly patient undergone this treatment were free from dialysis only 6% of the participant were still on dialysis. It is amazing as compared to the first medical condition in which 33% patient were under daily dialysis.

The intake of baking soda actually enhances the effect of dialysis as it goes directly to our bloodstream. It helps us to prevent the damage of kidney by neutralization of acids from the food. It works well to neutralize the harmful impact of nitrogen, sulphur and phosphorus on our kidney.

Thus, it helps to restore the normal functioning of kidney. Baking soda has many other health benefits as well. It helps to avoid the side effects of chemotherapy for cancer patients and termed as an excellent treat to the overdose of toxin and chemicals.

Process to Use Sodium Bicarbonate for Kidney
You can start with putting ½ tsp of baking soda under your tongue to consume it on the 1st day. For rest of the days dissolve 1 tsp of baking soda with ½ tsp of table salt and add the mixture to 1.5 liters of water.

Stir it well and drink it every day. Always keep in mind that the unhealthy lifestyle and food habits not only affects your kidneys but has an overall negative impact on your health condition. It’s always better to avoid it!