Coconut Oil Kills 93% of Colon Cancer Cells in Only 2 Days According to New Study

Various medical studies are now supporting the impact of alternative treatment for cancer. These studies revealed that colon cancer

can be treated using natural ingredients without any help of conventional medicine. The natural ingredients which should be used to treat colon cancer are coconut oil. It is the natural cure for many health issues. The traditional medicine has used coconut oil as anecdotes to back up the efficacy. But the very less scientific research was conducted on this topic.

A recent research has thrown some light on how coconut oil can be effectively used for the treatment of colon cancer. As per the recent study was done by the Adelaide University of Australia, it is revealed that coconut oil consists of the compound lauric acid which is saturated fat and act as a destroying agent against 93% of colon cancer cells. That too in a short time period of 48-hours. This has proven that coconut oil a promising alternative to treat colon cancer.

Studies have been conducted both in vitro (in a petri dish) and in vivo (in rats) on the efficacy of lauric acid on colon cancer cells, and each one provided equal results.
Clinical studies conducted by American Nutritions Association as also found that coconut oil has benefits that exceed its cancer-killing properties. The study has revealed that fats which are present in coconut oil are useful to cure and prevent conditions like osteoporosis, diabetes, viral infection, chron’s diseases, biliary tract diseases, and cancer.

Many people believe that, despite coconut oil’s various beneficial properties, it’s health benefits have been downplayed by big corporations. According to Ty Bollinger, a proponent of alternative medicine and a host of The Truth About Cancer, food manufacturers had a large part in this.

The food manufacturers in 1960’s wanted consumers to buy their hydrogenated and margarine oils. Thus, to achieve that they started discrediting the products which people use to  prepare at home and home made food was discarded by them. Bollinger explained further how the replacement of coconut oil was leading to health issues but companies started blaming coconut oil for all the health issues so that people will stop using it.

“It is the very products the nourishment makers had been pushing on their buyers for a long time,” Bollinger composes. “The trans-fats contained in these ‘fake nourishments’ were amazingly risky to your whole body. High fat, high sugar, and high carb eating regimens were put under the magnifying instrument and discovered blameworthily.”

In spite of the fact that coconut oil’s wellbeing properties are regularly addressed because of its high-fat substance, the sort of fat that it is comprised of has driven most specialists to nonchalance this conclusion, and it’s utilization as an option treatment to growth is as yet being concentrated on. So, this is a right time to introduce coconut oil again in your diet and be safe from the life treating cancer.