5 Face Pack That Will Block Melanin Formation And Can Give You Whiter Skin Instantly

Two main reasons that cause our skin to look dark and dull are Melanin formation and sun tan. Today we are going to use some amazing combinations of natural ingredients that will block melanin

formation and remove tanned skin so that your skin will look much brighter and fairer.
Skin lightening massage cream

Ingredients required:
Honey – 1 tsp
Small lemon slice
2 tsp milk cream
The process to follow
Mix 2 tsp of cream with 1 tea spoon of honey. Add few drops of lemon and mix it
Your massage cream is ready. Massage it all over your face for 5 minutes. Make sure you apply it on clean face
After 5 minutes wash your face with ice cold water
This cream is suitable for all skin types except sensitive skin. This cream will make your baby soft and will give it a clear whiter complexion

Kaolin skin whitening pack

Kaolin is also known as china clay

Ingredients required:
Kaolin powder
Chilled milk
The process to follow:
Take 2 spoon of kaolin powder
Add 3 spoon of milk
Mix it and your skin whitening pack is ready
Apply this pack on clean face
Leave for 10 minutes
Wash it off with plain water
This pack is for all skin types except acne prone skin

Orange skin lightening scrub

Ingredients required
Orange slice
Sprinkle some sugar on orange slice and rub it gently all over your face and neck

Skin polishing scrub

Ingredients required:
Red lentils powder
Chilled curd
The process to follow:
Take 3 spoon of red lentil powder
Add 2 tbsp of curd
Mix it well and your polishing scrub is ready
Apply it all over your face and neck
Rub for 2-3 minutes
Wash it off with water
Fruit facial bleach cream

Ingredients required:
Lemon slice
Papaya slices – 4
Apple slices – 4
The process to follow:
First grind apple and papaya slices in grinder
Add some milk and few drops of lemon
Apply this cream all over your face
Leave for 10 minutes
Wash it off with ice cold water