5 Eating Tips Which Will Help You Reduce the Risk of Ovarian Cancer!

It is very difficult to diagnose ovarian cancer in early stages, since there are few or no symptoms at all at the beginning.

This type of cancer is the most lethal of all gynecologic cancers, since by the time it is discovered it reaches advanced stages. The most powerful weapons against cancer are prevention and early detection. Regular cancer screenings are necessary for an early detection. However, you can take a number of preventive measures to reduce the risk of developing this cancer type. Starting from the diet is the most effective and easiest method.

Avoid Processed and Red Meat
We do not suggest eliminating these types of meat from your diet completely, just cutting back on the amount you consume. A number of studies have shown that diet which is high in meat can notably increase the risk of ovarian cancer. According to a study which was published in the American Journal of Clinical nutrition women who consume meat in large quantities have twice as bigger risk of developing ovarian cancer than those who do not consume meat or fat.

Drink Tea
Drinking a cup of hot tea is just comforting, and knowing that it can save your life makes tea even better. According to a research there are certain compounds in the tea which notably improve health in general, and extremely reduce the risk of ovarian cancer. These compounds are called flavonoids and they fight cancer, reduce inflammation and strengthen the immune system.

According to this study, 2 cups of black tea on a daily basis can lower the risk of ovarian cancer by 31%. Moreover this tea is also a potent preventive tool. It contains polyphenols, like epigallocatechin-3-gallate, which can prevent certain cancers, ovarian cancer included.

Consume Leafy Green Vegetables
These vegetables are low in calories, but rich in fiber. They are perfect for preventing ovarian cancer. Greens which are rich in nutrients protect against several cancer types, and also prevent cardiovascular diseases. Cruciferous vegetables are abundant in minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants, all of which prevent cancer and improve health in general.

Vegetables, like broccoli and cabbage contain sulforaphane, which is a compound known for its anti-carcinogenic properties. Furthermore, spinach is abundant in vitamins A, D, E and K, and a number of minerals. Moreover, it contains apigenin, which is a cancer-fighting substance. Brussels sprouts, arugula and kale also have anti-carcinogenic properties.

Consume More Citrus Fruits
Fruits like grapefruits, lemons and oranges are part of the citrus group. These fruits are rich in flavonoids, which have potent anti-carcinogenic properties. These particular flavonoids can impede the growth and activity of cancer cells. According to research, drinking one glass of orange juice a day can reduce the risk of ovarian cancer.

Stay Away From Sugar
Cancer feeds on sugar. Sugar stimulates the growth of cancer cells, and provided the tumor with energy. Cancer cells consume sugar 10 times faster than normal cells. Moreover, sugar reduces some immune functions, i.e. phagocytosis, which is a crucial immune response that makes it possible for the cells to ingest or to get rid of foreign or harmful substances. Furthermore, sugar creates the perfect acidic environment for cancer, thus allowing it to thrive. To add, sugar contributes to obesity, which is a known risk factor for cancer.