Woman Drank This Juice For 2 Months And The Results Of Losing Weight Was Incredible!

A lot of research is done on the subject of losing weight and what’s the best approach to do it successfully. Different methods yield different results and the success rate varies from subject to subject.

However, according to the latest research conducted by scientists at the University of Taiwan, the universal weight loss recipe is finally discovered.

Their research included women of different weight, ages and origin who during a 60 day period were given about 250ml (one glass) of tomato juice a day. After the 60 days period the results were astonishing: the majority of women lost considerable weight which, as the scientists explain was caused by fat deposits burning away.

“The tested women didn’t change their habits in nutrition or exercising and in just a few days the results were visible”, the scientists state.

They even tested their blood before and after the experiment to compare their cholesterol levels.

“A significantly lowered level of cholesterol was noticed, but the lycopene was increased- that’s an antioxidant from the tomatoes which has many benefits for the health”, they assert.

But it’s not just weight loss that tomato juice can stimulate, according to the scientists it can be health beneficial in many ways. Just one glass of this juice can prevent a long list of cardiovascular diseases, it can boost your immune system and lower the risk of cancer. It can also stimulate the elimination of liquids, help with digestion issues, prevent urinary bladder illnesses, liver, pancreas and lung diseases and protect the overall health. In addition, it prevents anemia, stops coughs, improves blood count and relieves rheumatic symptoms.

Aside from the long list of health benefits, tomato juice can help you have a smooth and shiny skin.

They abound in a number of nutrients: calcium, potassium, carbohydrates, herbal proteins and vitamin C. Due to the high level of magnesium they contain (11 mg on 100 g), the tomatoes are particularly efficient for removing muscle cramps and other difficulties in the muscles after exercising.

You just need to be careful when buying tomatoes and make sure that they are completely organic and natural because the artificially produced ones certainly don’t possess the same benefits. Here’s how you can prepare this amazing drink at home.


6kg tomeatoes
2tbsp. of salt
6tbsp. of sugar

First clean and wash the tomatoes and grind them in a pot. Add the sugar and salt and place it on a stove, on medium heat. Stir the mixture continuously until it starts boiling and then continue stirring for another 10 minutes. Set it aside and pour the juice in clean glass jar with an airtight lid. Store them away until they cool down and keep them in a cool and dark place.