Unbelievable Method To Remove 8 Kilograms Of Toxins From Your Body

The pollution in the environment is now at its pick. Have you ever notice about how many toxins get bombarded on you?

Through the air we breathe, the water we drink and the food we eat, a lot of toxin enters in our body.
Do you know how we get rid of this toxin? Colon is the important part of the body which takes care of toxin balance in the body. It regulates your immune system, promotes good digestion process and maintains the water balance in the body. However, if the colon stops functioning properly then toxin will not get removed from your organism. It is unbelievable but during 24-70 hours of passage of food in the digestion system, one can accumulate 30 kg of waste.

You might be wondering about how you will come to know about the accumulation of toxin in your body? Constipation is considered as the prime symptoms of toxin accumulation. Some of the other symptoms of toxic colon are given below-
Symptoms of Immune System– The immune system becomes weak. A person can often suffer from the bladder or vaginal infection. Some might suffer from rashes on the skin.
Behavioual Symptoms– Depression as well as mood swings are common in the case of toxic colon.In extreme cases, one can observe anxiety and poor memory along with fatigue.
Symptoms of Digestion System– Indigestion and constipation is a major symptom of a toxic colon. Stomach ache, bloating, gas and sometimes diarrhea can be observable.
Other Symptoms– Some of the people with waste accumulation experience frequent muscle and joint pain.

Now, you must be looking for a quick remedy to get rid of accumulated toxin in your body. Here is a remedy for you which was developed by Stanley Burroughs in 1940. Stanley was an excellent alternative medicine practitioner and has developed  ‘The master cleanser program’ to remove the accumulated toxin.

Here is how you can use the cleansing program at home!
Method1- Maple Syrup and Cayenne pepper for Detoxification
Things you need

Water- 3 dl (filtered)
Organic maple syrup- 2 tbsp
Cayenne pepper powder- 1/10 tsp
Lemon- ½ piece
Things you have to do
Take 2 tbsp of organic maple syrup and 1/10 tsp of Cayenne pepper powder in a small bowl.
Mix it well and add it to 3 dl of water.
Now squeeze the ½ piece of lemon in the solution and stir it well.
Drink it 5-7 times in a day for next 10 days.
This process will lead to detoxification of your body.
Method 2- Lemon with Peppermint for Removal of Waste
Things you need
Lemon- 1
Peppermint -10 drops
Water- 2.5 ml
Things you have to do
Take 2.5 ml of water in a container.
Now squeeze a lemon and add the juice to water.
Later add 10 drops of peppermint to the solution and stir it well.
Drink this water once every day for 2 weeks to remove the waste from your body.
Go for this detoxification process and make your body free from the toxic. The complete cleansing process of the body will take around 10-15 days. You will get an unbelievable result after cleaning process and the body will have improved digestion and overall functioning. Stay healthy and toxin free using these simple methods.