Did you know that the skin is an organ? Although it is outside our organism, the skin is also considered as an organ, and in fact, the most extensive of all.

 Being outside the organism, the skin is much more prone than any other organ, to be damaged by factors of the day to day, like the climate, the solar radiation, the bacteria and toxins of the environment, and others more. This is why it is extremely important to know how to take good care of our skin. Today we are going to show you how to prepare your own homemade wrinkle cream to nourish and rejuvenate your skin in just 7 days.

How to nourish and rejuvenate the skin
While it is true that today there are hundreds of cosmetics and protectors for the care of our skin, it is also true that there is only one drawback that may bring us more complications when trying to fight against it. We are talking about natural aging.

Whatever we do, time will never stop, and this fact will begin to take shape very clearly in our skin.

Wrinkles, expression lines, chicken legs … all these details can become a nightmare for any woman.

Now, the big pharmaceutical companies have managed to also produce products to delay the passage of time in our skin. However, generally these products have been made from pure chemicals which although they show their positive effects in the first instance, to spend some time begin to bring serious side effects on our skin and health.

On the other hand, we also have homemade and natural cosmetics , which we can make ourselves based on 100 percent pure and natural ingredients. In fact, today we will teach you how to make one of these natural cosmetics to delay the passage of time in your skin. It is a simple, inexpensive and without side effects, which will bring you many more benefits than even the classic cosmetics conventional. Look below how to make your own home anti-wrinkle cream that will nourish and rejuvenate your skin in just a matter of a week.

Homemade anti-wrinkle cream to rejuvenate your skin in 7 days
With this powerful quick-acting anti – wrinkle homemade cream , you can nourish your skin, clean it thoroughly, remove imperfections and stains from it, and of course … rejuvenate it.

-A tablespoon of olive oil
-An egg yolk
-A spoonful of honey
-A spoonful of Vaseline

To prepare this fabulous homemade anti-wrinkle cream , you only have to melt the Vaseline, then place it in a large bowl and add the other ingredients. Mix everything very well until homogeneous preparation is achieved.

Before applying the anti-wrinkle homemade cream on your face, wash your face very well and remove the traces of makeup from it. Now wet your fingers in the cream, and then it passes through your face, gently and always performing circular motions. Let the cream rest for three minutes on your face, then remove it with cotton and finally wash your face with cold water.

Apply this cream daily on your face, and after a week your skin will become more tense and beautiful the imperfections will disappear and your skin will look like years ago!

How to regrow hair naturally

When it comes to preventing hair loss or improving the hair that someone already has, there are plenty of natural methods that help.

There are a variety of home remedies that people use to try and regrow their hair. However, it is important to remember that research to support such methods is not always extensive. There are many common myths about lifestyle approaches or remedies that can help hair regrow, and it is often difficult to determine the fact from the fiction.

Here we will explore what works and what doesn't work.

Fast facts on how to regrow hair naturally:

---    Looking after hair is an important part of avoiding hair loss.
---    Multiple nutrient deficiencies may result in hair loss.
---    While it is more common in men, women can lose their hair too.

Lifestyle techniques and methods

There are a range of remedies and techniques that people can try. Including:

Hair care

There are some misconceptions about whether hair care does contribute to hair loss and regrowth. For example, washing hair too often does not cause hair loss. Blow-drying hair can cause hair loss because it can damage, burn, or dry out the hair — however, this hair will grow back. Hair dye is another cause of temporary hair loss — most hair-coloring treatments contain chemicals that can damage the hair and make it fall out.

Overly vigorous brushing can cause injury, which can lead to hair loss and some hairstyles, such as tight plaits, ponytails, or cornrows, can cause hair loss because there is too much tension on the hair. Hair care products, such as gel, mousse, or hairspray, do not cause hair loss, though.


A study conducted in Japan showed that scalp massage could increase hair thickness. The men involved in the study had regular massages over a 24-week period, and while hair growth rate did not improve, thickness improved significantly. Researchers believe that this could be to do with increased blood flow and direct stimulation of the cells.

While hair loss can be affected by nutrient deficiency, the exact links between diet and hair loss are complicated:

    Iron: Iron deficiency is the most common nutritional deficiency in the world and is a known cause of hair loss. Women experiencing perimenopause and menopause are at risk of iron deficiency, as are vegans, vegetarians, and people with certain conditions, such as celiac disease. In a study on mice, the reversal of iron deficiency also leads to the restoration of hair growth.
    Zinc: Zinc deficiency has a direct link with brittle hair, and increasing zinc levels also leads to the regrowth of hair. However, researchers do not know whether zinc supplementation would help those without diagnosed zinc deficiency.
    Fatty acids: A deficiency in essential fatty acids can lead to hair loss on the scalp and eyebrows.

It is important to remember that there is a lack of research on the role of supplementation. Researchers do not know whether supplements will prevent hair loss in people that do not have nutrient deficiencies. In fact, the over supplementation of certain nutrients, such as vitamin A, vitamin E, and selenium, can lead to hair loss.

There appears to be a direct link between stress and hair loss. Likewise, a shock to the system, be that through physical or emotional trauma, can also act as a shock to the hair follicles and they can stop growing.

Home remedies

Red ginseng
In some cases, the use of red ginseng, which can be taken as a supplement, has been shown to promote hair growth. Exactly why this happens is unclear, although researchers think it could be because of indirect stimulation of the hair follicles. Before taking any supplements, it is important to ensure that they won't interact with any medication or existing conditions.

Fatty acid
The omega-6 fatty acid arachidonic acid has been shown to promote hair growth by helping to speed up the production of the follicles.

This natural hair growth supplement was shown to promote hair growth in women experiencing temporary thinning. However, a further study also showed its ability to decrease hair loss.

Geranium oil
The use of geranium oil as a treatment significantly promotes hair growth and can prevent hair loss. People can apply it by mixing a few drops into a shampoo or conditioner.

Coconut oil
Coconut oil is widely used to treat damaged hair of various types. It significantly reduces the protein loss in both damaged and undamaged hair as it can penetrate the hair shaft. Coconut oil can be used as a pre-wash and a post-wash wash hair product.

Aloe vera
The use of aloe vera as a treatment for a variety of different things has been traced back as far as 6,000 years ago in Ancient Egypt. One such treatment is for hair loss, and evidence has shown it has a soothing effect on the skin that can help alleviate certain conditions.

2 Ingredients, 15 Minutes And A Miracle Will Happen! Your Wrinkles Will Disappear And They Will Never Occurred Again!

Almost all women after the fourth decade of their life are irritated by the wrinkles that appear almost daily around the eyes.

Well, today we are going to offer a remarkable argan oil serum that will work wonders for your skin! This beneficial oil is the best oil for skin care. It gives excellent results in the case of any skin problem, including acne, eczema, chicken pox and psoriasis. Consumption of argan oil can boost your immune system, improve blood flow and reduce bad cholesterol in your blood.

This remarkable oil helps the digestive processes and reduces inflammations of the stomach. In addition, its excellent in the fight against arthritis and rheumatic diseases. Due to its special combination of sterols, argan oil provides various and miraculous health benefits.

These beneficial components make it perfect against inflammation and are responsible for its anti-cancer properties. In addition, argan oil can also be used as a tonic, and is an excellent aphrodisiac.

Therefore, using this oil in the serum that will help you eliminate wrinkles and rejuvenate your skin is almost inevitable! This powerful serum contains argan oil and vitamin E.

In the case of argan oil is too expensive, or if you do not find it, replace it with olive oil.

You Will Need:

50 ml of argan oil (or extra virgin olive oil)
5 capsules of vitamin E
2 cotton swabs

Prepare a homogenous blend by mixing the argan oil and the vitamin E capsule. Then, immerse the cotton swabs in this serum and place them on your eye area. Leave them like this for ten minutes, during which you can relax and lie down.
Next, remove cotton swabs and gently massage the skin around the eyes with your fingers.


Regular use of serum will provide immediate results. It would be best if applied (in small amounts) every night. Its use will make your skin rejuvenated, more elastic, hydrated, silky and shiny. What’s more, it will be completely wrinkle free!


The amazing remedy we have for you today can remove wrinkles and dark spots from your face in only 5 nights!

I didn’t believe it was effective, but a friend of mine tried it and I was stunned with the results!

Here’s what you need to do:


1 vitamin E capsule

1 teaspoon of glycerin

2 teaspoons of wheat germ oil

3 teaspoons of coconut oil

A bit of your favorite essential oil


The preparation is simple – just mix the ingredients in a bowl, then use the mixture on your face.

Massage for a bit, then leave it to work for 5 minutes before rinsing with water. We suggest using the method twice a day for best results.

Besides removing fine lines and wrinkles from your face, the remedy will rejuvenate your skin cells and improve the quality of your skin.

Try it yourself and we promise that you’ll be amazed by the results!

Follow This Simple Method To Use Curry Leaves For Faster Hair Growth

The shiny hair is often considered as the sign of a healthy body. The healthy growing hair adds in the beauty of women and makes her look more attractive.

The problems associated with hair are endless and troubles most of the women. The most commonly observed hair issues are hair fall, stopped hair growth, dry scalp, gray hair and dandruff. All these hair problems are the result of fast moving lifestyle, exposure to pollution, improper diet and sometimes stress. However, nature has a simple solution on all these issues that to through the use of a single ingredient. Isn’t it amazing! Here are the simple home remedies using curry leaves to make your hair look beautiful.

Curry Leaves for Hair- How it Works?
Curry leaves are rich sources of many nutrients which are essential for the healthy growth of your hair. It consists of amino acids and antioxidants which reduces the hair fall as well as strengthen the hair shafts. Amino acids have a special effect on hair which reduces thinning of the hair and make your hair strong. The antioxidants also play an important role in fighting free radicals and keeping the scalp hydrated.  Curry leaves also provide nourishment in terms of beta-carotene and proteins; which prevents the hair fall and keeps hair healthy.

Benefits of Curry Leaves for Hair
The prime benefits of curry leaves for hair are listed below. The home remedies of curry leave ensure the healthy hair in no time.

Hair fall rescue – The prevention of hair loss is the prime contribution of curry leaves which protects the hair from falling out. It makes the hair root strong with the dose of antioxidants and amino acid. It also helps to remove the dead scalp skin which is responsible for dandruff followed by hair fall.

Follicle rejuvenation – Curry leaves add new life in your hair follicle. It repairs the damaged hair and stimulate the healthy growth of hair. It make hair stronger and thus reduces the hair loss.

Shaft strengthening – Curry leave provides ample amount of  vitamin B6 to the body which act as a hormone regulator. It provides strength to the hair shaft and make your hair shine.  Here are different methods in which you can use curry leaves for healthy hair.

Curry Leaves As Tonic
This remedy indeed acts as a tonic for your hair. The application of these remedy provides necessary nourishment to your hair and scalp. Don’t wait, just go for it today!

Things you need:
Destalked curry leaves – ½ cup
Water – 1 cup
Things you have to do:
Take 1 cup of water and boil it on low flame for 2 minutes.
Add ½ cup of curry leaves to boiling water and continue to boil until the water turns greenish and curry leaves become soft.
Strain the liquid and let it cool for a while.
Apply the tonic on your scalp and provides a gentle massage for 15-20 minutes.
Repeat the remedy twice a week to reduce hair fall and boost hair growth.
Curry Leaves As Hair Mask
Curry leaves hair mask act as a damage repairing agent and helps you to keep your hair hydrated. It prevents the dryness of hair and thus protect it from falling out. The regular use of the hair masks will make your hair thick and gorgeous.

Method 1 – Curry and Neem Leaves Mask
Things you need:
Curry leaves – 7-8
Neem leaves – 7-8
Shikakai powder – 3 tsp
Yogurt – 3 tsp
Things you have to do:
Add all the ingredients in a blender and blend it to make a fine paste.
Apply the paste on your scalp as well as hair and provide a gentle massage to your scalp using your fingertips.
Allow it to remain for 20 minutes and then wash your hair with mild shampoo.
Repeat this application every time you wash your hair for 1 month to resolve all hair issues.
Method 2 – Curry leaves with Fenugreek Seeds Mask
Things you need:
Destalked curry leaves – ½ cup
Fenugreek seeds – 2 tbsp
Water – ½ cup
Things you have to do:
Blend all the ingredients and create a thick paste.
Apply the hair mask on your hair and scalp and keep it undisturbed for 2 hours.
Wash your hair with warm water and shampoo to remove the hair mask.
Use this mask once a week for shiny, soft, healthy and thicker hair.
Curry Leaves As Hair Oil
Curry leaves with coconut oil are the best combination to treat all your hair related problems. It not only nourishes the hair but also help it to regain the natural shine and strength.

Things you have to do:
Take a small bowl and add coconut oil and curry leaves to it.
Now, take a large bowl and fill it water, later place the small bowl of oil and curry leaves on the large bowl.
Here, start boiling the water in the large bowl so that the oil will also get heated as it is placed above the water.
Keep heating the water till the oil get a greenish color.
You will also get a black residue which you should apply on your hair.
Use this remedy twice a week to reduce hair fall, gray hair and dandruff problem.
Consume Curry Leaves
Apart from the external application the intake of curry leaves is also good for your health. It will add a good smell and flavor in your food stuff. You can add it in salads, rice preparation and curries which will ensure the regular consumption of curry leaves.

That’s all! One ingredient with multiple benefits. The curry leaves remedy is must try to resolve the hair issue. Get a strong, voluminous, healthy and shiny hair instantly with regular use of the curry leaves treatment. Let your hair make you look more beautiful and confident.

You Will Need Just 5 Minutes to Get Rid of Blackheads With This Simple Homemade Remedy

Blackheads appear on your nose, cheeks, neck, and sometimes even on your shoulders.
They are most certainly not something pleasant to look at, and people keep seeking for the easiest way to remove blackheads.
But, do not you think you should know more about what actually triggers the appearance of these dark spots on your skin?

Blackheads are clogged pores, and they commonly appear as a result of poor diet, hormonal imbalance, oily skin and greasy hair.

Yes, you can affect and treat each of these, but your next question is probably how to get rid of blackheads once they appear?

Try two super-simple and all-natural ingredients:

1/2 lemon

a few drops of honey


Put a few drops of honey on the lemon half and gently rub it all over your face. Pay special attention to the problematic skin area.

Rinse your face after 5-7 minutes. Remember, you should always use cold water. You will see some improvement after the very first treatment -

- your skin will be super-soft and clean! Repeat the treatment few more times if needed.

Guava Leaves Can Extremely 100% Stop – Your Hair loss and Make It Grow Like Crazy

The fruit ‘guava’ is quite popular and has it’s own lovers as well.

 But are you aware of the benefits of leaves of guava plant? It is a fantastic plant with lot many health benefits.

Let’s check out how guava leaves can help you to remain healthy.

The benefits of guava leaves include an effective impact on increasing the platelets in the body of patients who are suffering with dengue fever.

Also, it works amazingly to reduce the hair loss. It can be used as a daily hair care ingredient to improve the strength of your hair.

Why Are Guava Leaves Good For Your Hair?
The guava leaves are a rich source of vitamin B. The consumption of vitamin B is very important to keep the hair healthy and increase hair fertility.

How to Use Guava Leaves to Reduce Hair Loss?
The process of using guava leaves for hair treatment is quite easy and you can prepare it at home.

Things you need:
Guava Leaves- 6-7
Water- 1 liter
Take 6-7 leaves of guava and crush them properly.
Now, boil the crushed leaves in 1 liter of water for 20 minutes.
Allow the solution to cool down and let it come down to room temperature.
Use this solution to provide a gentle massage to your hair.
Using your fingertips apply the solution on the scalp and let it reach to the roots of your hair.

Leave it for 2-3 hours and then wash your hair with mild shampoo.
You can also go for overnight application of this solution as a hair tonic.
Just apply it on your hair before bedtime and let it remain overnight.
Wash your hair next day in the morning with warm water.
Use this remedy twice a week and you will find that your hair follicles and roots become strong.

This is the simple way to stop hair fall without any application of chemicals on your hair. This herbal tonic also makes your hair shiny and strong.

You will observe the reduction in hair fall in just 1 month time. So, start from today!